Awaken The Power of Your Heart

This spoken word Energy Guide from Lee is designed to help you reflect on the power of your heart - so that when you listen to the Musical Medicine Mantra, I Awaken My Heart to Love, created by Lee and Davor Bozic, not only can it move and expand you, it can also help you navigate anything that might be in the way of that expansion or that comes up for you emotionally or psychologically.

“The power of the heart is intuitive and wise and we are all growing into more intuitive and more wise hearts as we go through life. 

The more you play the mantra, and the more you let it move through your system, the more you will start to calibrate to allowing yourself to awaken your heart to love - not seeing it as anything to be afraid of - but instead, recognizing that you will become a guardian of your own heart energy.” 

- Lee

This Energy Guide will help you return to your power, clarity, and direction and guide you to regularly nurture, protect, and strengthen your own energy field. The Musical Medicine Mantra can then be used separately as a tool for clearing and resetting yourself regularly.

The Mantra can be played in your home as a clearing piece of music and you can sing along to invoke the words through your body using the words and melody channeled by Lee and the sound healing instrumentation created by Davor. 

We’ve also provided the Mantra as a separate track that is just short of 9 minutes long so you can take a journey with it or leave it on repeat to infuse your energy field.


Running times:

Full Energy Guide with Mantra: 28.06 minutes

Musical Medicine Mantra: 9.03 minutes


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