Your Voice and How it Creates Your Future

This channeled transmission and invocation from Lee's guides, the Z's, is a deep dive into reconnecting with the extraordinary power of your voice. The channel gently guides you toward embodying not only your spoken words, but the energy of your voice - which they explain is 'the hand of your soul' - the expressive energy of your voice that is more powerful than any sound you could ever make.

Supported throughout by the wondrous music of Davor Bozic, and featuring Lee and Davor's original song, This is the Voice, from their album, AWAKEN**, this recording offers a broader perspective on why we often don't speak our truth, and how we can embrace and engage our voice in ways we have never before allowed, which fosters the creation of a future that is connected to our now.

Main themes include:

  • Allowing your voice to enter your body in a new way
  • Becoming a ‘listener to yourself’
  • The silent voice of your mind
  • The soul-wisdom of your truth.

“Your voice is expressed in so many ways. When you write, when you think of forming words or language, when you think of music and you start to imagine music in your mind, hearing it, your voice is involved, for your vocal energy runs through so much of what you do. This is why we often say the voice is the hand of the soul, for your hands express in different ways.”

Running time: 49 minutes

** AWAKEN is available to stream, download, purchase at


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