Why Your Soul Came to Earth

Why Your Soul Came to Earth was born out of the song They Called Us Down, created by Lee and Davor Bozic during one of Lee’s Soul Magic retreats held in Costa Rica, in response to a recurring question that arose from several participants - “Why am I here? Why did I come to this planet?” 

“The discovery of your soul is found within your humanity.”

For this channeled message, Lee asked his guides, the Z's, to answer that question in a bigger way, as it felt needed in response to the chaotic times in which we now find ourselves. Supported throughout by sound healing magic from Davor, the Z's share their unique perspective on why souls choose the Earth experience and how that choice benefits the planet. We hope you enjoy this fascinating journey!

We've included a video trailer that features a portion of this recording in the video player above. Enjoy!

A new studio version of They Called Us Down is included in the recording. If you’d like to hear the original version, recorded live in Costa Rica, you can find it here: https://smarturl.it/called-us-down.

Main themes include:

  • The nature of souls in general
  • Recalling other timelines
  • The roles of the third eye and crown chakras in soul connection
  • Reaching for a more soul-infused life
  • Soul groups - souls never come to Earth alone.

“The soul allows itself to create an imprint through each life that it then carries into the next.”

Running time: 1 hour, 1 minute


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