Ask the Heart (For It Knows Everything)

“Whatever you find in your heart each morning, do not be alarmed. If you find sadness, accept the sadness. It will not be there forever. It will move. When you allow and accept the heart, it moves forward fast and your experience of peace comes around faster, deeper, truer, and more felt than ever before. This is the key to your soul evolution – this heart energy – this heart power you all possess.” – Lee Harris

Heart energy is the driving force in our lives, the center of our power and the core of our souls. Our connections with it are vital, and this channel discusses how the energy of the heart and its knowledge is now rising on Earth in conjunction with the raising of consciousness. 

How this rise affects people will vary. The talk reveals how heart energy will become more present on Earth in the years to come, and how to work consciously with heart energy as it grows and emerges. You also learn how to honor the power of the heart, how to see and interpret its energy, and how to maximize its potential to greater manifest your life and outer reality.

The ideas and concepts expressed say much of the heart’s place on Earth, within humanity, and within each of us. Aside from the words, the energy of this recording is an experience in itself – an invitation to return to the energy of your heart, to fully dive into the power and wonder that lies within.

This recording works as a heart meditation for it is both the revealing and reclaiming of the heart. A powerful tool you will want to use whenever you are feeling disconnected.

Running time: 52 minutes


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