7 Rays by Davor Bozic

The 7 Rays is a musical journey that will touch and activate your mind, wisdom, love, balance, truth, connection, and freedom. They are 7 rays of creation that enable all energies to move and develop realities within our universe and are within each and every one of us. You can just enjoy listening to the music or you can go a little deeper, allowing the 7 rays to work with you on a personal level, enhancing your own journey of becoming the conscious creator of your reality. 

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Alive Music
I call my music genre "Alive Music." Put simply, my music is a sound body that allows specific conscious energies to enter and work with you on a more intimate level. The music is a bridge between you and the energies.  
What This Music Will Do for You
The 7 living rays will respond to you in a loving and intuitive way. You need do nothing but enjoy - the music will serve you abundantly in your growth as a conscious creator.   

How 7 Rays Work – My Story
I used to believe that taking a "stand" for or against something was an expression of my will. But with time, I recognised that I was just reacting to the will of others, and that taking a firm "stand" meant exactly that - standing...still…stuck - no true movement or momentum in life.
So, I stopped reacting and started to express my own will, not knowing what that would bring into my life. It birthed the movement of 7 Rays.
Through expressions of my own will, I started to extract wisdom. Although awareness of my wisdom opened the feeling of self-love, many of my actions had an abundance of love but lacked wisdom; some had will, but no love; some had wisdom, but no will. So, my next step was to learn how to balance my actions. 
When my actions in life were balanced, knowingness or truth replaced confusion and mental control. But energies got stuck again and did not expand until I put them into connection with others. When my actions in life were equal in balance, truth, and connection, that particular energy cycle was free.

This is the river of the 7 Rays - the river of life. Will, wisdom, love, balance, truth, connection, freedom. Experiencing the joy of this flow in my life inspired me deeply to create the music for 7 Rays. - Davor Bozic


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