How and Why You Are a Healer

Rather than a bullet point list about how and why you are a healer, this channeled recording is an energy transmission from Lee’s guides, the Z’s, speaking to you from the realm at which your soul healing energy is activated; holding space for you to activate yourself as a healer, as a more fully aware, fully conscious healing being.

“You are all healers on this planet. You are all finding your own journey through healing and you are all helping each other to heal.”

Supported throughout by the soothing, sound healing music of Davor Bozic, this cosmic conversation walks you through the energetics and some of the human understanding of how we are all healers, how we are all healing, and how healing works on the planet.

“You are a healer, you are love, you are a soul discovering your human self, uncovering your human self, rebirthing your human self and bringing that rebirth and healing energy to your collective - your fellow humans.”

Running time: 51 minutes


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