Changing Relationships: Endings, Beginnings, and Transformations

This channeled message from Lee’s guides, the Z’s, supported by sound-healing music and frequencies from Davor Bozic, is a cosmic healing journey focused on helping you heal, let go, and move forward into a beautiful understanding of your relationships on Earth.

The message is focused on the ebb and flow of relationships in our lives, and the impact that shifts and changes in our relationships may have on us both internally and externally as we evolve and grow - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Topics include:

  • The ‘wound’ of relationships and how those play out for us
  • Our “connection points” and how they drive, magnetise, and deepen our relationships
  • Relationship transformations and the power of communication as a key
  • Why some experience difficult relationships repetitively
  • How necessary endings are always leading us to new beginnings.

 “Invite the future. Invite the new. Invite a new version of who you are every year. And if you can live and love in that way with yourself and with that level of inclusion, with all relationships you are surrounded by, you'll see the most magnificent transformations take place; in you, in the way you relate, and then in the relationships themselves.”

Running time: 67 minutes

Downloadable PDF Transcript included


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