Mastering Chaos

Sometimes, life is more chaotic than we would like it to be. In love and relationships, work, finances, health, even world affairs—rapid or unexpected changes can roll through these areas, leaving us feeling anxious and uncertain. But how would you feel if you knew that you could actually make chaos work for you? In this session, recorded live at the December 2015 Energy Mastery Retreat held in Sedona, Arizona, learn how to use chaos to free yourself. Lee and the Z’s will leave you feeling centered and calm as you remember the truth: that you came here to experience your ever-expanding self in harmony with a dynamic and expanding universe, not shielded from the waves of life. 

Wherever you are in the world, tap directly into the energy of Sedona (one of the most powerful vortexes on the planet) as you discover the following tools and perceptions:

  • A life-changing focusing technique that brings stability to chaos
  • An exciting new perspective on enlightenment and its relationship to chaos
  • A spiritual practice that changes everything: the practice of Allowance.

Find out how allowing your full emotional range, your full energy body, and your fully illuminated Soul are important keys to mastering chaos. This program begins and ends with guided relaxation processes that invite peace in the midst of change.

Running time: 59 minutes.


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