Health in the Golden Age

Health in The Golden Age is a two-hour special presentation that explores in detail the present state of human health on Planet Earth and where it is heading.

In this exclusive two-part presentation, Conscious Life News Health Editor Jonathan Willbanks sits down with Lee Harris and the Zs for an in-depth conversation on the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of human health.

In Part 1, Lee and Jonathan discuss numerous health topics, including environmental toxicity, the natural health and food movements, social change, body image issues, and more.

In Part 2, Lee channels the Zs on the subject of optimal health, then opens the dialogue to specific questions from Jonathan.

Topics include:
• The mind/body/spirit connection.
• Frequency and food.
• The ethics and energetics of vegetarianism.
• Environmental toxicity (chemicals, wi-fi, cell phones, vaccines, and more).
• The Zs perspective on genetically modified foods and the agenda driving them.
• How self-judgement can compound the effects of unhealthy behaviors (e.g. smoking, drinking).
• The roles of water and sunlight in human health.
• How to support loved ones in times of sickness.
• Health considerations for parents.
• The effects of psychiatric medications on individual and collective consciousness.
• The benefits and appropriate role of conventional medicine in healing.
• The body and brain’s remarkable capacity for self-healing.
• …and much more!

"It was such a great interview. I really walked away with such appreciation for all the time and love you and your team put into every interaction and event. Shifts my energy every time!" - Tanja, USA

"This was the best info I have heard about with respect to eating....thank you for the clarity...a definite must read for all those who are wanting to know about food on the new earth!!!" - Andria, via Facebook

Running time: 2 hours


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