Eating Disorders: A Healing Journey

"My own past experience with Bulimia and my work with private clients on the topic of eating disorders, revealed to me that while Eating Disorders are personal and unique for each individual, there are shared themes, emotions and energies that are part of the experience. So my hope in creating this recording and sharing what I have learnt, was that it could offer healing, clarity and release to those who now or in the past have experienced this type of relationship with food.” – Lee Harris

This recording is a 2-part journey into healing the energy of eating disorders, past and present. With a focus on anorexia and bulimia at whatever level of over or under-eating you have experienced, the messages are designed to offer you reflection, reassurance, knowledge and release from the pressures and emotions brought on by such experiences.

In Part 1, Lee speaks of his own personal story with overeating and bulimia, sharing his observations and suggestions based on both his own and others’ healing in this area. 

In Part 2, you are invited to experience two channeled meditations, ‘Healing Your Relationship with Food’ and ‘Your Relationship with the World’, which are designed to gently catalyze and release a healing for you. 

Total running time: 95 Minutes


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