The Big Breakthrough

The change you have wanted is upon you. The freedom and uninhibited life force you have craved is here now. If you have sometimes felt lost at sea when dealing with the challenges of your life, you are now beginning to understand that you can never be lost. Riding the waves of our tumultuous and tender world, your heart is opening and you are discovering that you’re not a mere swimmer after all — you are the ocean itself. And all things are possible now as you see the vastness of yourself.

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 In this transformative session, recorded live in Berlin at the May 2016 Energy Mastery Retreat, Lee and the Z’s bathe you in the frequencies of the “new birth energy,” which can be accessed every day for release from a pattern-bound identity with who you used to think you are.

Highlights include:

  • Harnessing birth energy for more empowered healing and focused manifesting than ever before.
  • Busting the great myth: that your history is immovable and the past is fixed.
  • Living the new truth: that this day forward can and will be different.

Opening with a beautiful guided visualization led by Steven Washington, teacher of the body-mind-spirit connection, and supported by live music from Davor Bozic, this audio program offers a brand new start. Let yourself be enveloped in the breakthrough resonance that has been consciously created with every word, tone, and musical note—all designed to gracefully recalibrate you to the new you that is already here.

Running time: 1 hour, 6 minutes.


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