Anchoring the Light (2021-2024) Navigating the Storm (2021-2024) Multi-MP3 Set

This period of time that we're in is energetically very tumultuous, testing, and challenging. Yet at the same time, it has higher frequencies than many of us have ever experienced before.

These channeled recordings from Lee and his guides, the Z’s, supported by the soothing sound healing music of Davor Bozic, are designed to work together and offer you support any time you feel like you're either navigating or being battered by the storm, or needing to bring more light to your present awareness and your life journey.

We've included a video trailer that features a portion Navigating the Storm above.

Enjoy a preview!

Anchoring the Light focuses on how we can anchor light for ourselves and for others - and how that is not only important at this time, but something that we will be experiencing in very visceral ways as we traverse these times where conflict energies are high and light is needed for counterbalance.

Navigating the Storm looks at the importance of us understanding the energetic battle that is playing out at a mass level now - and the ways it is going to help the more sensitive among us understand what it is that we're feeling, and figure out how to transmute it faster so we may return to our strength.

Our hope is that these recordings will bring you not just shelter during these times of storm, but a rising inside you, the rising that you came here to create and to be.

“You navigate the storm by allowing yourself to recognize the storm you are in, but continuing to choose to live from within it, allowing yourself to become different.”


PDF Transcripts included

Running times: 

Introduction: 2:39

Anchoring the Light: 35:24

Navigating the Storm: 23:24


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