Cultivating Joy - The Magic of Your Future

Joy is an energy that many of us crave and, once experienced, is a feeling we would love to sustain and experience more in our lives.

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But how do we do this?

In this healing and musical activation, Lee’s channeled words will guide you to understand and open fully to the transformative potential of daily joy in your life.

“Joy once found and sustained becomes an ever-replenishing well of creativity, of life and of love.”

The channel explains that cultivating joy is the ultimate spiritual graduation and why joy lies on the other side of struggle. If struggle has been your experience, this inspirational journey will help you to recognise that there is a light you are aiming for, rather than a darkness you have become lost in forever - you will be lovingly guided to choose more joy for yourself.

Cultivating Joy is vital for all of us, as joy will be both the fuel and the magic to creating our future!

Themes include:

  • Strategies for integrating joy in daily life
  • Recovering the joy that can be flattened by trauma
  • The relationship between joy and safety
  • Joy as a creational energy
  • Fueling yourself with joy

This MP3 was recorded in Santa Fe, New Mexico in April 2018 and features the sound healing and music of Lee Harris, Davor Bozic and Narada Wise.


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