Light Forest by Davor Bozic

Light Forest is a soundtrack taken from Lee's ‘Activate’ meditation series. Composed by sound healer, Davor Bozic - the talented musician behind the monthly Energy Updates and many of Lee's MP3 recordings - the music is wonderful for both your own healing journey or for using in healing work with others.

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“I commissioned this beautiful music for my popular ‘Activate’ meditation series. Many of you have since asked for the instrumental versions, so here they are! Davor has added new musical dimensions and extra magic to these recordings for your journeying pleasure. Enjoy and much love.” Lee x

Light Forest features the tracks from  Activate Your Soul and Activate your Self Worth. These recordings have a deep, wild, and intense instrumental landscape to help you enter into the energies of clearing, expanding, and releasing. Imagine yourself within the forest of your own consciousness and allow yourself to experience the adventure, healing, and magnificence held within. Each track has been composed with its own unique healing function.

  1. Soul. This music is created around the frequency of the universal Matrix of Creation - 528 Hz. Listening to this music will help you feel your spiritual essence – your soul. This frequency is known as a Miracle Tone and listening will, in its own way, work like a miracle in your life. Running time: 21:30
  2. Self Worth. Feel your spiritual essence perfectly balanced between Heaven and Earth because true self worth is not about achievements. Also created around the frequency 528 Hz, this recording is designed to help you repair any DNA damage in your body created by the toxins you ingest, thus allowing your body to rest more easily between its divinity and its place upon the Earth. Running time: 41:56

Total running time: 1 hour, 3 minutes


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