Your Soul Sound: The Power to Move Mountains

One hour. That is all you need for an energetic shift that revitalizes your precious physical energy and activates the momentous power of your heart and soul. Renewed and refreshed at the deepest level, you will remember that you are here as a creator, a healer, a lover, and an agent of change.

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In this session, recorded live in Berlin at the May 2016 Energy Mastery Retreat, the remembrance of this power begins immediately through the frequencies of sound — toning, wordless singing, and spoken word … all coalescing as a force of expression that utilizes your full spectrum of energy. Lee and the Z’s envelope you in a refined environment of sound that calls to the forefront the voice of your own soul.

Highlights include:

  • Soul vibration — recognize the sound of your inner voice, an extension of your soul that touches the whole world.  
  • Soul resonance — experience deeper connections with those around you on a consistent basis.
  • Soul alignment — align your own words with your own truth, and watch your life change for the better because of it.

This session is an emotionally opening experience, a shamanic activation that begins with a guided relaxation process led by Steven Washington, master teacher of the body-mind-spirit connection. From beginning to end, it is a vibrational journey of words, wisdom, and music designed to shift your consciousness and your life. 

Running time: 1 hour 13 minutes.


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