Masters of Time and Fire

Masters of Time and Fire is a short channeled message focused on the need for all of us to bring our fire forward now, as we usher in an era of change that is fast approaching during this turbulent period for our planet.

“It is going to be your fire that will lead you to peace.” 

Recorded live at Lee’s Intuitive Power workshop held in London in June 2019, and supported by the music of Davor Bozic, Masters of Time and Fire invites you to plant your flag firmly in the ground amidst the current chaos and be seen in ways you never have been before - and reminds us that while a storm may be raging around us, it need not be raging within us. We get to choose. 

“The chaos of the world will continue until it is done. But the chaos of YOUR world in response does not have to go that way.”

Running time: 18 minutes 

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