Alchemize Your Purpose - Live and Love Your Life Boldly

In this channeled message, recorded live during Lee’s Soul Magic 2019 retreat in magical Costa Rica, Lee’s guides, The Zs, explain that in the same way that we are going through enormous environmental change on our planet, we are also going through a consciousness shift that is affecting not only us as individuals, but all who are alive at this time. They share that the reason so many people, places, and systems are destabilizing is because it is time for an energetic upgrade. Just as there is a call to action spreading around to world to protect and restore the planet, there is an equal call for you as ambassadors of light and higher consciousness to stand tall, bring your energetic signature to the world, live your purpose and let yourself come fully alive more and more of the time.

“Purpose is personal. It will not look the same for everybody. But when all of you lean more into your purpose, more healing occurs across the whole planet.”

Supported throughout by the ethereal music of Davor Bozic and featuring Lee’s stirring vocals on their original song, ‘Sunday’, Alchemize Your Purpose will lead you on a journey not only of becoming a part of what the world needs at this time, but having an extraordinary experience of consciousness on Earth - going further than you have gone before, feeling in a wider way than you ever thought possible, and then sharing that energy with others, simply by being you in the world. 

Main themes include:

  • Becoming aware of the powerful effect you have on other beings
  • Remembering your power as soul
  • The distinction between your purpose and your ‘doing’
  • Following your compulsions to uncover your purpose
  • Releasing comparison to others
  • Recognizing the most valuable tool you have is your own energy field.

“Your purpose is never the thing you do. Your purpose is the by-product of the thing you do for others, and your purpose is what will lead you to greater connection.”



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