Mother Freedom

Recorded on Mothers Day, this affirming channel acknowledges mothers, takes an in-depth look into the dynamics of parent/child relationships, and explores mothers' joys, pains, and their vital role as powerful creators on Earth.

This recording was made during the time period that Lee's guides, The Zs, presented themselves in more individual personalities than the more blended way they do now, hence the references to Ziadora.

Mothers come in all forms, not only those who bear physical children, but those who give birth to projects whether through their work, their play, their creativity, etc. and who give their nurture to those people around them. And this is not just about women. Men too carry within them a womb of creation and nurture. This is a channel for mothers and children alike, as both sides of this key relationship are explored here.

"Mothers are the heart of the world, and for those of you who first came into this world, they were the first heart you experienced. They were the first experience you had of the human heart. So be it an experience you look back on with fondness or with difficulty, the heart of the mother energy was the first heart you experienced." – Ziadora through Lee

Running time: 46 minutes

"To hear your recording, Mother Freedom, and just one thing in there started the healing of my broken heart: a mother is never separated from her children.  Just hearing that was a balm.  Thank you, thank you, thank you." – Barbara, Norway


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