Authentic Power

In this moving audio session with Lee, discover how to invoke your authentic power and navigate its wild aliveness in daily life. In a shamanic conversation that is much more than the sum of its spoken words, immerse yourself in a transmission of feeling—an informal lesson in how to feel your soul.

Lee reveals that the unique signature of your soul is your authentic power, and it is either suppressed or expressed in the way you live your life.

Highlights include: 

  • Making the connection between kundalini energy and the light of your soul—the fire within you that rises to meet life
  • Dialoguing with your soul as the direct path to transformation
  • Going beyond self-care—discovering the art of self-listening
  • How to neutralize the dominance of the mind, clear self-judgment, and dissolve the depressions of the past
  • No matter your age, discover the power potential of the wisdom years and how to make them a time of joy and contribution rather than decline
  • How to ignite others and stoke the collective fire that allows everyone to rise higher.

From start to finish, experience the pure presence of your soul, and feel the fire that burns for you. It alone has the power to show you what you are here to do, which even YOU don’t yet fully know. It’s time. 

Running time: 50 minutes


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