Path of the Lightworker [2017 - 2024]

For decades we have heard predictions of a time of global mass awakening.  What that glorious vision didn’t impart quite so vividly was; where there is great change, there can often be great chaos.

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As we now find ourselves living in the midst of that chaos at both individual and world levels, you - the light bringers who have been walking these weary paths with your delicate and fierce hearts, soldiering forward, doing your best to remain centered and grounded while all is shifting around you - may frequently feel you do not know which way to go next. 

Path of the Lightworker (2017 – 2024) continues the themes begun in Rise of the Lightworkers (2017 – 2024)* from a more grounded perspective, designed to help you identify those next steps as we move forward into the coming seven year era of shift and change on our planet.

This channeling and sound healing was recorded at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York during a weekend retreat in the summer of 2017.

It features an introduction and short body meditation from Body Master Steven Washington, as well as stunning vocals from Lee and Sound Healer/Kirtan Leader Narada Wise.

Topics include:

  • Being here to midwife and birth a new time on Earth
  • Understanding the new rhythm of the light and dark
  • Learning to activate your joy
  • The awakening of the activists and creators within you
  • Remembering your contribution may be of ANY size

*You do not need to have to have listened to Rise of the Lightworkers to understand and enjoy Path of the Lightworker - but for those of you who have, it is designed to give you a more grounded activation around the themes that Rise of the Lightworkers presented.

Running time: 57 minutes 


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