Family Peace

Family difficulties and conflicts are the focus of this channel. Learn how to find freedom within family by letting go of yours and discover the impact and significance families have in your life as a soul. A special section is dedicated to the dynamics between parent and child and how to free ourselves of potential traps existing in those relationships. 

"Before you incarnate as a soul, you assemble the group of souls you need to set you on your way, to teach you, who fit the life lessons you need particularly in early life. These people are those from your soul group, many of whom you’ve been family members with before or indeed in marriage, friendship or quarrel with. These dynamics replay and shift throughout the lives you have on Earth." -  Zachary through Lee

The recording closes with an enlightening exercise designed to release unhelpful ties or struggles with any or all family members, and to come to see how individual family members expand and honor us.

With opening and closing comments from Lee, this channel is a powerful gift of freedom and release for anyone who experiences or has experienced difficulty within family relationships.

You are entitled to feel free within your family. This recording offers you that very gift.

Running time: 46 minutes


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