LEARNING TO LOVE: The Path of True Connection

“Love can be highly wounded territory and it can be highly wounding territory. It gravitates around the very central of existence of your being which is connection; connection to self, connection to other, connection to spirit and the unseen.

You are all learning to love and to open to love.”

View a short trailer of this hour-long recording in the video player above.

In this healing and transformative channeled message about love, the words guide you into the awareness of what it is to navigate the woundings of love and connection, and to move towards creating new love and connection in your life at levels you have always desired.

The channel explains the power struggles created by the ego that can block our paths and also why the shadow is rising into view for us all, personally and collectively, at this time of great enlightenment for humanity. How it is, if we are ourselves bound in a straight jacket of anger or frustration around love, that we have armored our heart against revisiting wounds of the past. That the biggest impediment to our levels of connection and intimacy is found in judgment of the self and judgment of others.

It is time to release those wounds and their defenses to cultivate the love that you yearn for. For you are leaders of connection, and taking the path of true connection will be what actually saves your planet.

Recorded at Lee’s Soul Magic 2018 event in Costa Rica, this MP3 also features the transforming music and sound healing of Lee Harris and Davor Bozic and the live performance of an original new song; ‘Learning to Love’.

Healing themes include:

Why love of other is love of the self and how the two cannot be separated

Transcending ego: that power struggle is rooted in fear of lack, the fear that something is being or can be taken away from you

Giving up the straight jacket of self-doubt and judgment of others

How, if you have pain and there is a story wrapped around your pain, it will only move if you are able to move towards a new story

Creating true connection on a daily basis and new levels of compassion for all of humanity

“Souls are designed to open over and over again.”

Running time: 1 hour


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