Money & You

A money mastery class from Lee Harris with channels from his guides, The Zs.

These recordings were made during the time period that The Zs, presented themselves in more individual personalities than the more blended way they do now, hence the references to Zachary and Zapharia.

  • How do you feel about money and your relationship to it?
  • Are you ready to greatly improve your experience of money?
  • Are you ready to feel financially supported, abundant and in flow?
  • Do you want money change?

Then this class is for you!

This masterclass includes:

  • An introductory talk about how money is perceived and experienced by us and how to understand your relationship with it in order to change it.
  • A full channel from Zapharia called 'Healing Your Money Past' which will allow you to release old financial patterns and/or wounds.
  • A full channel from Zachary called 'Abundance Now!' - a money activation that will empower and reconfigure your money relationship for present and future.

Total running time: 2 hours 13 mins


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