The Angel Behind You

Silent awareness is one of the most sublime powers available to us, a human capacity that will be one of our greatest allies in the years to come. Much more than a stylish brand of perception, it is a loving awakeness that allows us to meet life fully—undefended yet protected. In this astounding audio session, recorded at the summer 2015 Energy Mastery Retreat in Norway, Lee and the Z’s speak in bold terms of the Inner Observer Angel, the part of each of us that is this silent awareness. It is the etheric angel within that towers above the noise of life, continually bearing witness with unfathomable compassion and wisdom.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in right now. Notice the presence of this profound aspect of yourself. It’s the part of you that can stop conflict energy in its tracks, neutralizing inner violence such as self-judgment, self-doubt, shame, and blame.

It wants us to know that the less we go to war with ourselves, the less capable we will be of going to war with each other.  

Other highlights include:

  • Discovering connection as the key to being fully alive.
  • Understanding the relationship between your Inner Observer Angel and your etheric body—between your soul and your aura.
  • Developing sweet patience with your humanity.

The Z’s talk about the Golden Time that we find ourselves in now, a time of great dissolution and creation. With change happening quickly, you may sometimes experience extreme levels of depletion and exhaustion. Learn to transmute these energies by letting yourself be enveloped in the wings of your Inner Observer Angel—shielded, protected, and tenderly recharged. Discover the way home to your spiritual strength, resilience, and power.

Running time: 48 minutes


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