Grief - The Great Transformer

This channelled recording and sound healing was created in response to the extraordinary times we find ourselves in during this first half of 2020, with the heightened emotions and complexity of the world situation. Grief energy - what it is and how it affects us a world - is significantly elevated right now in our consciousness at both the individual and collective levels. Lee asked his guides, The Zs, to address the subject of grief and offer us their perhaps different perspective, as well as some tools for navigating it with more peace and grace.

“It is in your times of grief that you are always, always building a future.” 

We've included a video trailer that features a portion of this recording in the video player above. Enjoy exploring this MP3.

Whether you are having a personal experience of grief right now or find yourself grieving in response to the world situation, this recording offers you a look at how and why grief is truly the great transformer for us, leading us out of the dark and helping us to shed the necessary layers so that we may reach more of a lightness of being in our daily experience of the world and of each other.

Featuring the lovingly supportive music of Davor Bozic throughout, the recording also includes the original song 'To Live Another Day', written by Lee during his father's long-term illness, and finished following his father's recent passing, with Davor adding his musical magic and instrumentation. 

Main themes include:

  • Fear and grief as a process in the world during the pandemic
  • The nature of grief as an energy and how it shows up in our lives
  • The gift of the grief process for us as human beings 
  • The similarity and deep connection between birth and death energies
  • The ways we shed identity as we go through life and how the grief process is part of that
  • The need for the grief energy occurring now to enable us to transform as a world.

“As you go through the grief and letting go process, you are also moving yourself forward along the timeline of your life to a place where the new you, the next phase, can be born.”

Running time: 57 minutes


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