Journey Into Oneness - The Crystalline Pyramid of Your Heart



 Journey into Oneness - The Crystalline Pyramid of Your Heart is a channeled message and sound healing that was recorded during Lee’s Soul Magic Retreat in Costa Rica in October 2019. Davor Bozic has added his musical and mixing magic to the recording to enhance the listening experience, but the high frequency of the energetic message remains as it was received live in the room. 

 “You will not come to oneness because of an aligned belief. You will come to oneness because of an aligned feeling and openness - and beliefs are the things that help you unlock your openness.”

Lee’s guides, The Zs, offer their insights to us as human souls living between dimensions as the veils between are growing thinner. They share that there is a permeability between spirit and human that has never been witnessed or felt at this level before now, by so many, fostering our connection to each other and the wider universe.


Main themes include:

  • Through oneness we recognize we are connected
  • The myth of spiritual hierarchy
  • Creation of crystalline temples for our hearts and the hearts of those around us.
  • Perceiving our connection points with others
  • The effect on our bodies when we become more spiritually expanded


We invite you to take this healing journey into the expansion of your magnificent heart and your ever-evolving consciousness, remembering your connection to the cosmos with Lee and The Zs as your guides.


“Remember you are on Earth, but not of Earth. You are part of Earth to some degree, but where you came from is far wider and the journey of a soul is an extraordinary one.”


Running time: 1 hour


Interested in downloading a FLAC (lossless) audio file rather than a traditional MP3 file? You can access the FLAC file for the recording here.


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