A Self-Love Journey

A Self-Love Journey is a 4 MP3 set of audio from Lee's one-day seminar on 'Self Love', held in Berlin. Containing talks, channels, and audience Q+A, this comprehensive audio journey will allow you to be at the seminar and learn more, receive more, and activate a deeper energy of self-love in your life.

These recordings were made during the time period that Lee's guides, the Z's, presented themselves in more individual personalities than the more blended way they do now, hence the references to Zachary, Zapharia, and Ziadora.

"I love Zapharia’s flame visualization! Absolutely brilliant" – M, U.S.A


Part 1 - Journey into Self Love

  • Introduction with Lee and intention setting
  • Possible challenges to self-love - heartbreak, relationship with your body, patterns of behavior
  • Breathing meditation from Sandra Heuschmann 
  • 30-minute channel from Zachary - The Journey of Self Love. Using affirmations to help you to draw in self-love and release self-judgment, Zachary discusses the vital need for making time for ourselves; processes for releasing heartbreak, grief, and “energy slavery” to others and finding the pure essence of self.

Part 2 - Self Love and The Mind

  • Introduction - the differences between words and energy
  • Breathing meditation from Sandra Heuschmann
  • 55-minute Zapharia Channel – Self-Love & the Mind. Includes visualization of marrying yourself
  • Discussion of nature as a vital part of rebalancing the energy body and the spirit
  • Exercise for increasing the time spent on self-love
  • Exercise to amplify love and re-energize the heart (flame visualization)
  • Ending affirmation for choosing self-love. 

 Part 3 - Boundaries and Conclusion

  • A participant is hot-seated and the topics are boundaries, family, anger, breaking out of old patterns, and celebration of creativity
  • A recap of the main points of the channels and the day -  Focusing self-love on body & spirit; Expression through Creativity; Receiving Positive Energies; Body Touch 
  • Closing Ziadora Channel – Creating Love. Emphasis on Creativity and Self-Maintenance.

Original music by Dan Burke

Running Time - 3hrs 15mins


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