Shifts by Dan Burke

Ambient Music to Soothe Your Soul

Recording artist Dan Burke creates ethereal soundscapes to calm the mind and relax the body. 'Shifts' music is perfect for creating a peaceful environment with gentle and slow evolving textures to support a meditative state of mind. 

Click on the video above for a preview of 'Shifts'

"There is nothing quite like music to touch us at our core. And the album SHIFTS, by Dan Burke, is one of my favorite (and constant) albums of this past 7 years. I play it when I’m home and want to be soothed or relaxed, I’ve played it in countless dressing and hotel rooms right before going out on stage for live events (for the exact same purpose!). We’ve used it at our live events as music behind Steven’s Qigong sessions and other exercises. Simply put, this music is medicine which soothes the soul and is a masterful album." - Lee 

Digital album includes 6 tracks:

1. still  
2. illumination 
3. flight
4. moons 
5. touch 
6. community 

Total running time: 1 hour, 27 mins

"Thank You, Dan Burke, for this Music. "Shifts" is a great Album. - Bernd via Bandcamp



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