Birthing a New Earth

In this channeled recording, let yourself move past the nervous energy and resistance held in our bodies (and activated by the challenges of these times) and back to a space where creation, forgiveness and a new life can be birthed. Journeying to an inner space where your soul can step forward and take its place with confidence and presence in the creation of a new Earth.

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“Humanity and your planet are going through rapid, monumental and long predicted shifts - birthing the new world starts in and with every moment.”

Themes include:

  • Giving yourself to your own healing - the powers of forgiving yourself and forgiving others
  • Embracing your nervous energy and learning to ask: what is this nervous energy that I am holding in my own body teaching me?
  • Moving beyond the self and back into the heartbeat of humanity - our oneness connection
  • Powering up in the way you use magic, manifestation and intention to create and inform your life DAILY
  • Mastering presence as a fully conscious, active, intuitive and heart-felt creator
  • Reconnecting with forgotten parts of yourself that hold gifts for your life right now.

Recorded as part of Lee’s Soul Mastery retreat in Boone, North Carolina, this channeled MP3 also features the music and sound healing of Lee Harris, Narada Wise and Lana Sugarman throughout.

“Your soul group is the group that feels and believes in the golden world - but to access that world you must acknowledge the full spectrum of what is here on the planet; the light, the dark, the problematic, the easeful. As from that place of full and fearless awareness, you can truly create a new template.”

Running time: 54 minutes


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