The Mastery of Sleep

Sleep often remains mysterious and unexamined by most people. Listen to Ziadora speak about a topic that is so often hidden from view.

This recording was made during the time period that Lee's guides, The Zs, presented themselves in more individual personalities than the more blended way they do now, hence the references to Ziadora.

During this channel, Ziadora reveals how sleep goes far beyond just resting the body. She reveals how sleep can be used as a powerful tool of transformation, and how conscious intent to direct the healing properties of sleep can advance the speed of personal awakening. If you feel tired or weary in this world, unclear about the restorative properties of sleep, or are just interested in a unique examination of how to master the third of your life that is spent sleeping, then you will enjoy experiencing The Mastery of Sleep.

“One-One-Four-Four Greenwich Mean Time. 11:44 PM in England. The time this recording is beginning. Appropriate for the majority of the country is at this time asleep. The times where sleep has been focused upon in society – they have been few. Sleep is known to regenerate the cellular part of your body – the musculature gets to rest – the bones get to reform and shape. But what is sleep beyond this? What does it mean for a human being to be asleep? Where does the mind go? Where do the emotions go? Do they all go to sleep too?” – Ziadora through Lee Harris

Running time: 41 minutes


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