I Allow Myself to Receive

A spoken word Energy Guide from Lee on the potent energetics of receiving, followed by the Musical Medicine Mantra - I Allow Myself to Receive, composed by Lee and Davor Bozic.

“I was struck when I was given the title for this mantra. Some of us have an objection to the idea of receiving. There are so many ways that we give on a daily basis—our energy, our focus, our time. Yet, receiving is often a shadow area for people, especially those who easily feel the joy of giving.”


This combination of the Energy Guide and Musical Medicine Mantra is a powerful tool designed to assist you in opening yourself fully to receptivity and experiencing the benefits of receiving. The mantra can also be especially useful when you feel you need support — an intervention from the universe or the angelic and human realms. 

Exploring what the mantra means to you personally can be very revealing, and you may find it helpful to journal as you listen. It can be played in your home as a clearing piece of music, and you can sing along to invoke the words through your body, using the melody channeled by Lee and the sound healing instrumentation created by Davor.


Running times:

Full Energy Guide with Mantra: 26.06 minutes

Musical Medicine Mantra: 9.36 minutes


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