“Abundant living is when you are fully and truly on your path, receiving all that your life wishes to offer you, be it great partnerships, great material wealth, great spiritual connection, great work that fulfils and nurtures you as much as it gives to those around you, great love of nature, or great experience upon and within this Earth. All of these states are achievable at the same time, but you are living in a world of competition and comparison. Many believe that one must be forsaken in order to have the other.” – Lee Harris

This channel includes two guided visualizations designed to foster greater abundance in your life by showing you how to release blocks you may have to receiving, as well as understanding what abundance means and how it relates to societal beliefs. Let this recording help you to open your heart as your key to creating an abundant life. 


  • Different meanings of an abundant life
  • Abundance and karma
  • How societal beliefs can block your abundance and 
  • How to receive abundance rather than limit what comes to you


  • How to develop abundant consciousness
  • Daily practice of abundance as the key to greater spiritual and material wealth
  • False ideas around money
  • The world's division materially
  • The importance of respecting nature and the planet to humanity’s abundance and
  • Your heart as the key to your abundance.

Running Time: 46 minutes


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