The Crystalline Body

"I recorded The Crystalline Body on November 6, 2012, which was the day of the Presidential Election in America where I am now living.

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I was instructed by the Z’s to come out onto the hill by where I live, quite high so that I can see over Boulder, Colorado and record a channel. That was all I knew.

I cannot remember the last time this happened. Certainly I think it has been well over a year, maybe two years since I actually recorded a channel without an audience or not in response to an audience or a personal session.

They said, “We want to talk to you about the crystalline body and we want you to record it.”

So out I went, taking a blanket and water bottle, still dressed in house pajama trousers and with unruly hair (!) I channeled for an hour and each one of the 3 Z's took a turn to speak. It felt magical and true, and the information refers to how we are becoming crystalline in body now." - Lee Harris

Topics covered are wide, but include insights into the Earth's feminine energy, why natural disasters are 'rebalancers', how crystals are set to amplify in strength now, our understanding and experiencing of galactic community, and why technology balancing is so important in our time of technology advances. 

There was so much information imparted that it was decided to release the MP3 recording along with the 8,500 word written transcription of it. 

Running Time: 1 hour


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