Activating the Joy Body: Healing, Conscious Creation & Jumping Timelines

In this channel and discussion, Lee presents different ways to activate and claim more joy for yourself and your life.

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“Remember the phrase ‘multiple timelines’ and see it as a flower in front of you that is as big - if not bigger - than your body. Each petal before you is a timeline or a window you can walk through and there isn't a right or wrong, but taking the petal less traveled or the one you wouldn't normally choose is a surefire way to shift things.”

Themes include:

  • Working with your Joy Body in decision making
  • Focusing on one creation at a time
  • Awareness of your multiple timelines
  • The courage needed to be a conscious creator
  • Releasing the trap of sadness and anger

Understand how to let resonance lead you to the decisions that will bring you the greatest joy and to act each day with an awareness of all the magical timelines available to you in any moment. This remembrance is key to active change and active joy.

This recording includes a gentle examination of how sadness and anger become patterned into our lives and how to release those energies. It also gives an insight into how depression is often a response to repetitive isolation and being too alone which can impinge on the joy available to us each day.

You are never here alone; not when you have multiple timelines to choose from and engage with. There are timelines waiting for you to jump into and conscious creations waiting to be birthed and bring joy into your life.

The perfect partner recording to Cultivating Joy - The Magic of Your Future, this MP3 was also recorded in Santa Fe, New Mexico in April 2018 and features the sound healing and music of Lee Harris, Davor Bozic and Narada Wise.

Running time: 41 minutes


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