Sex & Sexual Energy

Many people experience great blocks around their sexual energy, and this is simply because of the unique power that sexual energy holds. If you are interested in tapping into this personal power, which connects you deeply into yourself, into others, and into your creativity, then this class with Lee and Zapharia is for you.

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Lee has a unique ability to perceive and openly discuss the energy that flows through all of life on a day to day basis and here he turns his attention to Sexual Energy. His perspective is fresh and ultimately liberating, as it sees how sexual energy is an ordinary and common experience that we are already sharing, while still affirming the power that sex has to heal and unite us. Each class begins with Lee taking a healing and empowering look at what sex and sexual energy means to humanity and to you.

“You have a flame of sexual energy in all parts of your body, and the heart is where a lot of it activates, because the pleasure center that has an open heart behind it is one of the most open pleasure centers that the human body can experience. So again, when we talk about sexual energy, we are really just talking about pleasure, about love.”
– Lee Harris

Originally Broadcast live as a 2-part online class.

Running Time - 2 hours 30 mins


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