I Am Grateful

A spoken word Energy Guide from Lee on connecting to gratitude, followed by the Musical Medicine Mantra - I Am Grateful, composed by Lee and Davor Bozic.

“Practicing gratitude is a tool to elevate your ability to see the higher vibrations already at work that you might be missing while you're focusing on what you need or think that you want. It makes us present to the blessings in our life as they are happening.” 


This combination of the Energy Guide and Musical Medicine Mantra can be used to increase abundance in your life, especially if you are experiencing depression, loss, or feeling disheartened. A daily gratitude practice brings a sense of well-being, connection, and presence to our lives.

We recommend keeping a journal nearby as you listen, so you can jot down what you feel grateful for as it arises in your consciousness. This music can also be played in your home, and you can sing and dance along to internalize the words channeled by Lee and the healing sounds created by Davor.


Running times:

Full Energy Guide with Mantra: 22.54 minutes

Musical Medicine Mantra: 10.14 minutes


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