Beautiful Souls: Preparing for Humanity's Awakening (2018-2023)

In this healing channel and transmission, be guided to release the markings of suffering and darkness that have become part of your identity, allow in more of your beauty and more of your love. For those that see beauty create beauty and those who see, feel, hear and experience love want to generate it. 
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Accompanied by tender and healing music of Lee and Davor Bozic to assist the energies of release and transformation on this magical journey for your soul. 
Themes include: 
  • How to go deeper with your visions and your inward journey in 2019 and beyond
  • The process of imbibing and releasing intergenerational pain
  • Keeping your focus small and simple on any given day for achieving big vision plans
  • The importance of bridging the generation gap for all to see, witness and feel
  • Transcending your attachments to darkness and suffering
  • Remembering the beauty of your own unique soul
  • Experiencing freedom of love and freedom of heart


You are one of many beautiful souls on the planet who get to dance and weave in and among one another and magic can occur in any moment if you are open to it. Then old, rigid attachments to others start to disappear and there is a freedom of love that emerges in its place.
It is time to open to and welcome yourself as a beautiful soul on this planet. To see that you are part of a chain of people and a chain of love across the Earth. 
Freedom of love, freedom of heart is what will be activating inside all of you at your own levels at your own speeds over the next three to four years as humanity heads towards its crescendo of change. 
Many of you have encountered your generational pain that you were born into and recoiled from it. It was not something you wanted to interact with and so you shut down or suppressed parts of yourself until such time in your childhood or adulthood where you could open up again and let your soul out. This time to let your soul out and become a light gardener to others has arrived. 
The parent who loving raises the child is no different to the visionary who lovingly holds space for thousands and thousands and thousands. It is the same impetus inside and one of these experiences that all of you are remembering is just how beautiful other souls and this planet are and can be. 

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