The New Human Soul

Our planet is ancient…and it is new…continuously. With every dawn, new life bursts forth on this venerable plane. Your human soul is ancient…and it is new…continuously. With each breath, new cells generate in your body, new ideas form in your mind - you broaden the very fabric of the Universe as you expand your consciousness.

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You are the way-showers where healing and consciousness are concerned. You are holding space and energy for expanded living - expanding beyond the ancient paradigm. You are saying, “Yes, those ways are obsolete, but we can go beyond.”

Your ancient power will carry you through this time of birthing consciousness for the mainstream. The key to accessing your ancient power while letting go of your ancient programming is each other. If you are on this planet, you are here to connect with others, with life - to reinvent life itself.

This audio journey is designed to assist you on that path. It’s an in-depth look at the ancestral construction of humanity inside you and the way forward to embodying the energy of the new human soul.

Recorded at Lee’s Soul Magic Retreat in Costa Rica in the Autumn of 2017, this channeled audio workshop features an introductory conscious body meditation from Body Master Steven Washington, the ethereal music of Composer Davor Bozic, as well as Lee’s unparalleled singing voice.

Main themes include:

  • Your human self is far wiser than you give credit.
  • You are learning to be masters of this time and masters of creations that are needed now.
  • The straightjacket of human conditioning is loosening.
  • You are never here alone.
  • Enlightenment is the acceptance of everything.

Running time:  1 hour 


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