Adventures in Sound: Integrate - Open - Expand

'Adventures in Sound' is a set of 4 MP3s - an audio journey guided by Lee, and 3 individual sonic pieces.

"I am excited to introduce the first of the new 'Adventures in Sound' series, 'Integrate, Open, Expand'.

When I sat down to record this, I was expecting it to be a verbal, word-based channel. But when that clearly wasn't coming through, despite my energy being primed for it, I followed my intuition and did something a little different. I started to sing, tone, chant, and make sounds in what then became multi-layered vocal journeys. No different to channeling in essence, but different for the listener as an experience.

This first MP3 in the series will be a guided journey designed to help you Integrate, Open, and Expand. My spoken words will walk you to each of the 3 pieces of music/tone.

I had been asked many times to try this way of working; the nudges came from my own guidance, other intuitive friends, and people I would meet at live events who knew that I sang. I always felt I would get to this at some point; I just didn't know it was going to be now. This has been a thrill, a lovely surprise, and a new beginning." - Lee

Total running time: 53 minutes

"Amazing, truly a unique experience, thank you!" – Krisanne, New Zealand

"Spectacularly beautiful! I feel wonderful!" – Vivianne, Canada

"It feels like I've been waiting for this all of my life. I had goosebumps all over my body and tears in my eyes. This is going right into the heart and doesn't need any kind of translations of words or anything. It feels to me that your voice was made for that - so touching and beautiful." – Diana, Germany


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