7 Days of Peace

A daily dose of calm for your life.

Lee created this set of recordings in response to what felt most needed in our world right now for many people.

A quick and regular way to help you kickstart and develop a sense of daily peace; a much needed energy focus for balance.

7 Days of Peace features an introduction, and then 7 short daily MP3s (approx 10 minutes each), accompanied by original music from Davor Bozic. Use one each day for a week, and afterwards you can use the individual recordings at any time you feel.

Set of 9 MP3s - Introduction, Presence, Body, Love, Mind, Soul, Vision, Peace, Closing.

Total Running Time: 1 hour 18 mins

I love these recordings. I am on day six and much like to create a daily routine listening to the recordings. This is one of the gifts of the seven day process. The guided meditations are very clear, simple, focusing on the essence of each topic. A genius creation by Lee and his guides. Thank you! – Andrea, Germany

The timeliness of these recordings has been magnificent. People in my life have been so riled up, so anxious, so edgy that without this set of recordings, I think I might have been truly knocked off my pins, but the beautiful and centering space that these recordings created in me was simply perfect. What a blessing! – Bernice, USA



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