Heart Energy Rising

Heart Energy Rising: Creating Your New Normal is the final release in Lee’s trilogy* of channeled messages and sound healings that were birthed during his Soul Magic Costa Rica 2019 retreat. Lee’s guides, The Zs, offer their unique perspective and support for us as human beings living in a time of rapidly rising heart energy, expanding consciousness and higher frequencies than those on our planet have experienced to this point.

“Because you are focused on your wounds, you have failed to notice that all around you your butterfly wings are growing, your energy field is growing.”

Supported by the magical music of Davor Bozic throughout and featuring Lee’s soul-stirring vocals during their collaboration on the song, Inside Love, this recording was designed to give the listener the experience of taking a soul journey as though present live in the retreat space. Allow the wisdom of the message to wash over you, as you bask in the recognition of your ever-expanding heart energy and connection to all that is on your path to creating a new normal.

Main themes include:

  • Recognizing your expanded energy field
  • Remembering to fuel yourself, so you can emanate your frequency
  • Identifying when you are in your wound
  • Being your own confidant
  • Becoming love in action

“You are needed. You are wanted. You are here for the Earth experience.”

Running time: 1 hour 17 minutes

*The other two recordings in this trilogy are Alchemize Your Purpose: Live and Love Your Life Boldly and Journey into Oneness: The Crystalline Pyramid of Your Heart.


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