Radical Expression

You have the power to transform your life. The shifts often begin by telling the truth—by expressing who you are and what you really want. But why then do so many of us stick with the status quo rather than risk change? Why do we stay loyal to who we have been rather than finding out who we can become? In this no-holds-barred conversation, recorded live at the August 2015 Energy Tune-Up event in London, Lee exposes this tendency with great gusto and heart.

We’re afraid to get to what we really want because we’re afraid that the whole house is going to come down. But the whole house IS going to come down! And many times in life.

      The house comes down.  

      The house gets rebuilt. 

      That’s transformation.

In this remarkable session, Lee describes expression as a directional energy that absolutely changes what happens in front of us. Knowing that the rewards for finding our voice are well worth the risks, he dives directly into the waves of fear that can drive us to censor our communication, avoid conflict, and otherwise suppress the strength of our authentic selves.

 Highlights include:

  •  Making room in your life for the unedited, unbridled you
  •  Igniting the high energy of curiosity for uncovering your greatest desires and dreams
  •  Feeling the aliveness and freedom in your body that come from expressing your real needs
  • Discovering the power and joy of being more fully yourself.

Connect the dots with Lee and learn how your very destiny is linked to your expression, intuition, and emotions. 

Running time: 50 minutes



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