Adventures in Sound: Rebirth - Rise to Life

Set of 3 MP3s    

"When I started creating the second 'Adventures in Sound' recording, I thought it would be as fast a process as the first one, but these recordings - 'Rebirth' and 'Rise to Life' - demanded a great deal more attention. They also proved to be longer pieces than the first recordings, at 11 and 8 minutes each. I now realize that the longer gestation period was partly so I could get used to what I was creating and partly because they were more complex in frequency. Davor Bozic added live drums too, which gives another dimension.

Do you want to feel a rebirth or a rise to life? These recordings were created with the intention of helping you implement that alchemical shift in your life via the healing power of sound. The MP3 set has again been created, so you can choose to be guided through the sound healings with my words between the sound pieces, or you can listen to each musical piece as a standalone MP3.

There is a depth here that I feel was hinted at in the first 'Adventures in Sound' but that has flowered more in these longer journeys. And the irony wasn't lost on me that I was creating 'Rebirth' and 'Rise to Life' over the Easter weekend!

I hope you enjoy and become alchemised by these recordings :-)" - Lee

Total running time: 53 minutes

"The best yet! I can't fathom how it can get much better, but it just does every time!" – Becky, USA.

"Wow!" - Louis, Canada

"The recordings are so helpful to me in this time as I have been having some issues with staying balanced or focused or grounded. The sound recordings reach me in another way that works right now as words and concepts and ideas, structure, rules, are all not making sense. Thank you, these recordings are so valuable, healing and important to us all!" – Bodine, Canada


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