Opening to Healing - Integration After Healing Meditations

To fully experience healing requires not only a willingness to open to receive it but a period of grounding and recalibration of the self and the internal changes that inevitably occur when healing is allowed on the physical, energetic, and soul levels. For that reason, this pair of meditations has been designed to work together. 

Opening to Healing Meditation

A gentle guided meditation for opening to heal any area or life circumstance that also soothes the process of opening to healing for those who may be struggling to do so. 

We've included a video trailer that features a portion of Opening to Healing in the video player above. Enjoy a preview!

Integration After Healing Meditation

A peaceful and powerful meditative journey focused on the importance of grounding, recalibration, and self-care following any healing experience to allow the body to reset, recover, and rebalance as it aligns with the new levels the soul has reached during the healing process.

Running times: 26 minutes each

The Energy Alchemy Meditations are channeled healing meditations from Lee and his guides, the Z’s. Supported throughout by the sound-healing music of Davor Bozic, these words and sounds are designed to bring you back to yourself and connect you with your soul, in a short but potent series of minutes.


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