Be Present - Be Grounded Meditations

“Let your mind take a break from tracking the past, or visioning the future.” 

Be Present - Be Grounded

A pair of gentle guided meditations designed to help you return to the present moment, where all your power lies; and to reconnect you with your ability to be grounded in your body, which in turn will help to stabilize you on the physical, energetic and soul levels.

Be Present

Running time: 24 minutes

Be Grounded

Running time: 22 minutes

The Energy Alchemy Meditations are channeled healing meditations from Lee and his guides, The Z’s. Supported throughout by the sound-healing music of Davor Bozic, these words and sounds are designed to bring you back to yourself and connect you with your soul, in a short but potent series of minutes.

“Being grounded is a great gift. It is the ability to come home to ourselves.”


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