The Zs on 2020-2022: The Rise of Light and Heart

Lee had planned to record on an entirely different topic for October 2019 when his guides, The Zs, came through very strongly wanting to share their insights on the timelines and events expected to play out on the world stage during the period between 2020 and 2022. 

We've also included a video trailer that features a portion of this recording in the video player above. Enjoy!

In this channeled message, The Zs offer guidance designed to help you uncover a way of being and feeling that will help you move through these times of tumultuous change on our planet from a more soul-led perspective.

This healing, energetic transmission, supported throughout by the magnificent music of Davor Bozic, focuses on our ability to upshift despite the struggle and rapid shifts swirling around us; recognizing there will be an enormous amount of grace, love, light, and connected knowing as we go that will allow us to feel at peace with the changes that are occurring.

“You being you -  in all of your beautiful, muddy, complicated glory - is what the world needs right now.”

While there is some predictive information in the message, the main focus is on the importance of our role as a human being and the importance of who we are as a soul - and how this coming period will play out on a soul and an energetic level.

The Zs share their perspective on:

  • The culture of fear that can trigger us in times like these
  • How shadow periods can be needed in order for light to become stronger
  • The understanding that we came here to BE part of the changes and transformation of this time on Earth
  • How we are all jigsaw pieces of the grand puzzle of humanity.

“The 2020-2022 timeline is reasonably set. What is not set is the detail. What we will tell you is you are moving through different timelines and giving yourself the opportunity to upshift.” 

Running time: 1 hour 6 minutes

*This recording also includes is a bonus 6 1/2 minute track of Davor's beautiful instrumental music.


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