The Abundance Connection

Relief is here. Tension, fear, and bracing yourself for the future do not need to weigh on your heart and mind. The freedom, peace, and soul-satisfying sense of connection that you strive for are available to you right now. The reservoir of who you are is already full to the brim with everything you need. This beautiful session, recorded at the 2017 Berlin Energy Mastery Retreat, will energetically prepare you to draw upon this spiritual wealth at the center of yourself.

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Through an intentional weave of spoken words and music, Lee and the Z’s gently walk you into the energy field of real abundance—where the connection between you, others, and the source of creation can be felt at a cellular level. Lack, limitation, separation, and worry are dissolved in its warm, golden light.   

Other highlights include:

  • The secret of our collective abundance code and how to access it with ease.
  • The underlying truth about personal enlightenment.
  • An introduction to the “energetic cylinder” at the center of you.

An understanding of the highest abundance there is on the human plane.
This audio program opens with a sublime guided meditation led by Steven Washington, setting a tone of soft awakeness and presence. It is the perfect beginning to a channeled experience which, combined with Lee’s soul-stirring singing voice, will envelop you in a cocoon of sacred remembering.

Running time: 54 minutes 


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