The Activation of Planetary Awakening: 2020-2030

This channeled message and sound healing was recorded during the COVID-19 global health crisis, (for which Lee also recorded a special Energy Update) wherein he asked his guides, the Z's, to offer information about nine themes that would come up during this extraordinary time on Earth. 

They shared that this worldwide crisis situation is going to be a great reveal, and that 9 to 12 months from now, things will be very clear to us. But in the now, we have to BE with what’s happening and allow the internal process that we will go through to be as supported as possible. There is a vast shift in the frequencies around us. We are burning off fear and receiving love, clarity, and intuition like never before. What we are going through is an awakening experience, but unlike the personal awakening experiences many of us have had, this one is global, so the intensity of it is more all-encompassing.

We've included a video trailer that features a portion of this recording in the video player above. Enjoy!

"It is the time of awakening. There is so much to remember."

Following the Mid-March Energy Update experience, Lee requested the Z's give a message focused on what is happening now and what is to come. In this recording, they offer us a much bigger picture of what is now occurring; they share their unique perspective on the timeline of the next 10 years: 2020 to 2030, and the message itself also serves as an awakening activation.

Davor Bozic created and orchestrated the transcendent music that flows throughout the recording, featuring Lee’s beautifully layered vocal harmonies on their original song All Who Walk the Earth. Allow the music to wash over you and assist in your processing of all we’re experiencing as we move forward to a new level of consciousness, a new level of connection, a new way of being, a new beginning.

*Please do not listen to this recording while driving.*

We highly encourage, if you are listening to this recording in early April 2020, when it has just been released, that you ask yourself when is the right time for YOU to listen. This is not to raise any fear or panic, but because of how intense this global awakening is for us right now, you may need to take some space and feel into whether you are ready to have an experience of the next 10 years in your energy body at this moment. Some of you will be ready to listen right away, while others of you may need a few days or weeks to be ready to receive all that the message has to share. Please do what is right for you personally.

(If you are listening further in the future, when it is a quieter time on Earth, you may disregard this cautionary note.)

Main themes include:

  • You were built for these times
  • Coming to the end of Earth’s karmic cycles, (but not the end of Earth itself)
  • The importance of using self-care to build yourself, rather than repair yourself
  • The ‘wake up’ and ’shake up’ effect of the global pandemic of early 2020
  • The rapid spread of awakening on the planet during the coming decade
  • The merging of the heart and root chakras
  • The rising of worldwide community.

"You are here to bring peace. But sometimes peace is arrived at through an extraordinary journey."

Running time: 59 minutes


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