Own Your Heart Energy

How many bruises has your heart endured? How many heartbreaks have you suffered? If you’ve lost count, you are not alone. But if you knew that not only is there a bottom to that well of hurt, but that your heart energy is your greatest superpower, how could your life be different? You are about to find out.

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In this brilliant session, recorded live in Kauai, Hawaii in November 2016, Lee and the Z’s powerfully and tenderly reach into the deepest places in the heart. As you listen—quieted by the sound of the ocean waves and gorgeous flute music—you will understand that in your quest to love and to awaken, a torch has been lit in your body. It is the flame of your heart. And while that inner flame may dwindle at times, it will never go out. It isn’t possible.

In the current socio-political climate, the Z’s offer a crucial insight: That your light will not go out because of outer circumstances that may evoke worry and fear in you. The opposite, in fact, is true. Your light will rise in response to the need.

More highlights include:

  • How your heart can unify all that has felt fragmented or chaotic within you.
  • The beauty of grief’s connection to joy and depression’s connection to life and to living.
  • How to allow your feelings to flow so that your whole life will flow.
  • A fresh perspective on the wounded hearts of those around you and how you can rise to meet them.
  • What it means to be a carrier of the "harmonic of the heart" in today’s world.

The Z’s reveal how the heart energy of Kauai exists everywhere across the planet. It is in everyone and everything. And as you come to know that frequency more intimately—as you own your heart energy and direct your focus to it more consistently—you will begin to find it everywhere. Your entire experience of life can be forever changed as you learn to let your heart see for you.



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