Light Warrior

It is time to remember the fire of your spiritual connection. It is time to know and feel your inner Light Warrior. That light will bring joy for you and for the world.

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“We will say this not to intimidate you but it is true that you are in a time of fight; there is a fight taking place on your planet. That doesn't mean you will always experience yourself in fight or that you will only see that energy in the world. But there is a fight going on; not an oppression, a fight. And that is going to be part of the colour of the coming years and it is not to be shied away from - it is not that any of you need to recoil from some of these arguments or process. You are living in a time of revolution. It has already begun, it has already been here for several years.” 

Themes include:

  • Which pieces do you need in life to fully own your core power?
  • Strengthening your warrior self to be able to hold and refuel the light within you
  • Being a Light Warrior - you stand for and bring illumination to the world around you
  • The daily practice of connecting to what lights you up
  • Being spiritually connected as its own kind of food, energy and sustenance
  • Finding and accessing your energetic light warrior spine.

In this musical, healing journey and activation you will learn that it is time to rediscover the spark that is at your core. You have learnt the lessons of people pleasing - giving away your own power and not owning your own core. This is now a different time for you - one where you are being asked to figure out which pieces you need in life to fully own your light.

You are all warriors. And of course you could argue that every human being is a warrior. It is true that to be on the Earth and to be of both soul and density in a merge is not easy - you have to be a warrior. But many have forgotten the way. For many, their light goes out because they do not know how to be a warrior and light at the same time. They are either light or warrior, overly dense or overly in the ethers. 

All of you are looking for the balance point between the two. This channelled recording from Lee is an invitation to own and create that balance for yourself in a bigger and new way.

For you are truly needed and Now is your time. 

Featuring music from Lee, Davor Bozic and Narada Wise, this channel was recorded at the Portland Energy Mastery Experience in February 2018. 

Running time: 37 minutes


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